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Many funeral home service providers will give you all the tools you need to build a web site, create memorial products such as videos and reach the top of search engines. But will they give you the support you need when to it comes to issues of copyright compliance? We see it time and again, we take on a new client and they wonder why the rules have changed on copyright issues.

“Why can’t we use any photo we find on Google on our online obituaries or printed pieces anymore?”
“Why can’t we use any music the family wants? Company X would let us, so why won’t you?”

The rules have never changed and are not likely to change in the near future. It is not that these service providers are ok breaking the rules, it is that they are not educating you about the rules ... they are just selling you a product.

We want to protect our clients from the consequences of legal actions taken by the companies that own the copyright on the items you are using. We receive calls from funeral homes using third-party companies wanting to know what they did to get a $700/image or $3,000/song fine from Getty Images or Sony Records. The answer is simple, your company illegally used content and your service provider did not give you ALL the details you needed to keep your funeral home safe.

We not only provide you the whys and hows, we provide you with the solutions.

We offer a large library of licensed images to use in your printed pieces and on your online obituaries. We provide one of the largest licensed music libraries for use on memorial videos (see below Music Copyright as it applies to Funeral Homes). Is it worth it to sell a funeral service with “Wind Beneath My Wings” on the video memorial if you are fined over $3,000 for using that song? Is it worth it to post a photo of pretty sunset you found on Google to an online obituary if you get fined $700 for doing so? We don’t think a funeral home should ever be in that situation.


Music Copyright Compliance for Funeral Homes

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