Printed Memorials

How many funeral programs provided by your funeral home are left on the seats after the service? Printed Memorials will be taken home and cherished for years to come. Developed with a funeral director, these memorials have become a valuable addition to the memorialization services they offer. We are offering an easy to use product that helps you create personalized funeral programs containing family photos, handwritten poems, children’s drawings, etc. We provide the cloud based software to help your funeral home staff make memorable prayer cards and service folders. Memorial Keepsakes are created by graphic design professionals and turn a loved one's photo into a printable keepsake. It can also be used as the photo in the newpaper obituary and the online obituary. All printed memorials can be attached to the online obituary to print by those loved ones who could not attend the service.

Products Offered:

  • Memorial Booklet
  • Memorial Keepsake (including up to 2 photos)
  • Prayer Card Designer
  • Service Folder Designer

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