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Gemini Graphics Inc. has proudly been serving the funeral home industry since 1999. We have worked side by side with funeral directors at independent funeral homes to create products and services that will make your company stand out from your competition. From web sites to customer service, everything we offer is geared directly to your funeral home. We treat all of our clients as part of the Gemini Graphics Inc. family. Just as your services are geared toward each and every family individually … so are our services. We are in the business of making sure the products we create for you truly reflect your funeral homes uniqueness. You are INDEPENDENT for a reason … you don’t settle for being like all the rest … so let us help you make a web presence that truly reflects your value and independence. There is no other funeral home like yours … why should your web site be any different?

Custom Web Sites are developed to reflect your funeral home. Our team takes your marketing materials, photographs, colors, logos, press releases, etc. and creates an online marketing piece for your funeral home. Custom Web Sites are completely editable at any time by your administrative staff through the Site Management System (SMS). Each Custom Web Site and SMS is a private label internet application created specifically for your funeral home. No banner ads, no third-party branding, etc.

The Site Management System also allows funeral homes with multiple locations to maintain branding and control over the content and administration of all their sites. This easy to use system offers secure and complete site management by your administration staff.

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  • Unlimited Obituary Postings
  • Billed bi-annually
  • 15 GB transfer
  • 350 MB Disk Space
  • Uptime at or above 99.5%
  • Nightly Tape Backups

Email Features Include:

  • Full Web Mail functionality
  • 20 IMAP4, POP3, SMTP Email Accounts (including SMTP Authentication)
  • Advanced Spam and Content Filtering
  • Full Address Book

Site Statistics Features Include:

  • Fast and accurate web site statistics
  • Over 70 Report Items, including views/visits/hits by day, week or month
  • Detailed geographic data

Basic Monthly Maintenance:

  • Content changes and updates to the site (not related to design or additional modules)

Online Obituaries have become an expected part of every funeral home’s web site. With the number of transient households in the US, the first place to search for an obituary is not the newspaper, but is online. The online obituary gives loved ones a way to send their condolences and take part in remembering the life that has past. All of the Online Obituaries provided by Gemini Graphics Inc. are fully branded to your Funeral Home, not co-branded with a national brand. You decide the information you want to show, how you want it displayed and what memorialization pieces you want to include. You have access to upload and administer obituaries and guestbooks through an online admin area that is private labeled for your funeral home. The obituary is posted to your web site along with a guestbook and the optional printed memorial and video memorial. Online Obituaries can be added to your existing web site as well. Gemini Graphics Inc. has no per obituary fees. This is not a “pay to post” plan.

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  • NO Membership Fees
  • Easy to use Web Based Ordering System
  • Online Preview ready same day
    • Videos ordered before 1:00 pm ready same day (2-4 hour turnaround)
    • Videos ordered after 1:00 pm ready by next morning
    • (exceptions always made for last minute emergencies)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • High Quality DVD Video (burned in-house)
  • High Quality Web version (FLV)
  • FREE scan/zip/ftp software
  • FTP Area to upload photos and download finished product
  • DVD Archival System for raw files
  • Monthly billing for videos sold

Music Library

  • Extensive Royalty Free Library (over 300 songs to choose from, 100’s more available) PLUS an Extended Library used with permission from Summit Sounds.

Theme Library

  • Over 100 high-quality themes to choose from PLUS New themes added at Funeral Director’s/family’s request. Theme photos provided by our photographers and stock image libraries.
  • Online versions of video memorial stay online, attached to the obituary, for 13 months to cover all birthdays/anniversaries.

Online versions of video memorial stay online, attached to the obituary, for 13 months to cover all birthdays/anniversaries.

Created by professional graphic designers and funeral directors, Printed Memorial Cards & Keepsakes are treasured reminders of a life well lived. There are two types of Printed Memorials, the Memorial Card (4x6 postcard printed front and back) and the Memorial Keepsake (8x10 suitable for framing). Each type is available in two different styles on the front, either the collage or the portrait. The collage can have up to 10 photos or up to 2 for the portrait. Photos can be pulled from the images in the Video Memorial, if one has been ordered. If ordering a Memorial Card (4x6), text for the back can be provided, which can be anything from a poem to a bible verse to the obituary.

The 4x6 card makes a wonderful addition to a visitation … giving those that come to the viewing something to take home with them as a remembrance.

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We are proud to offer an extensive library of content (text and multimedia) for use on your web site.

Much of the content we provide was written either by or with a funeral director (including funeral directors who have served as President of the Selected Independent Funeral Homes in the past). Our content is high quality, web & mobile friendly, easy to read & understand and is search engine optimized.

The text funeral home content that we provide is written for the web exclusively including monitored links to internal or external information. It is written as a reference for anyone that visits your web site whether they are ready to plan a funeral or not. It is all timely and relevant.

The multi-media funeral home content is any content that is not text. This includes videos, images, sound, etc. Our talented designers have created a collection of graphics that can be used to promote products, events, holidays, etc. on your web site and on social media.

Content topics range from

  • Veteran's and Social Security benefits with links to necessary forms and web sites
  • How to write an obituaries or a eulogies
  • Having a meaningful talk about death
  • How best to deal with children and funerals
  • Preplanning - for yourself or for others
  • Grief support - covering a range of topics including suicide
  • Proper etiquette for a funeral in regards to attendees, family, photgraphy & video during, etc.
  • Losing a pet - how to help yourself, children and others cope
  • The importance of a memorial service
  • Cremation vs. traditional burial
  • And many others ...

A great resource for funeral homes, organizations, companies and non-profits. Keeps you in touch with the community, be it around the corner or across the world.

  • Facebook: Creation of one designated profile and creation of a complete company fan page.
  • Twitter: Setup of Twitter account
  • Social Media account training for Facebook and Twitter
  • Integration of sharing integrated into the online obituary

A sample obit that contains a link to Facebook.

A sample funeral home Facebook page.

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The Family Email Announcement provides the family with an email that they can forward to other family members and friends to share the link to the memorial page dedicated to their loved one. This email is formatted to match the funeral home web site and can contain a personal note from the funeral home owner/manager.

Users to your web site can sign up to be notified by email when an obituary is posted. The email contains a link to the deceased’s memorial page where they can view and print the obituary, get service information and sign the guestbook. Obituary alerts are very popular with those that have moved away from their hometown, local newspapers and people who want to stay up on a funeral home’s services. NEW: Includes the option for text notifications via Mobile Alerts.

Using the look and feel from your existing web site, we create an easy to use web site that is mobile ready to put your funeral home’s obits and contact information at your visitor’s fingertips. Every site comes with a QR code that can be used for promoting your new mobile site. Scan the URL code with your smart phone to see an example of an existing mobile web site.

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Visitors to the deceased’s memorial page will have the ability to upload photos of the deceased to an online photo album. They are reviewed by the funerla home staff before being posted. This feature allows for friends and family to share their photos with each other in a common place on your funeral home’s web site.

Visitors will submit their memories of the deceased that are then reviewed by the funeral home staff and posted to the storybook on the deceased's memorial page. Stories will be posted like guestbook with the name of the person who submitted it, date, title and story, each story having its own page and one photo. Once more than 15 photos and 10 stories have been submitted and approved, a hardcover copy of the Storybook can be created to be delivered to the family.

Pre-arranging has been around since the first funeral home opened. Offering your families a peace of mind when it comes to their personal arrangements has always been a value added benefit to any funeral home. With the digital generations now planning funerals, it is even more important to offer it online. Our Easy Pre-planning Form makes it simple for anyone to start their pre-arranging with your funeral home. And it helps to make a connection between a new family and your funeral home with ease. We also are pleased to offer our new Mobile Arrangement Planner for making at-need and pre-need arrangements from the comfort of … well … anywhere.

Sample of an Easy Form.

Sample of a Detailed Form.

Gemini Graphics Inc. is proud to partner with Preferred Florist to bring the best branded, turn-key online flower shops to our funeral homes. This unique program allows your funeral home to choose your own “preferred” local florist and set your own commission rates. The store is branded to your funeral home and integrated into your funeral home’s web site. This flower program offers convenience and peace of mind for the families that you serve. In addition, you actually own your own online flower shop and benefit from each flower purchase.

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Note to the Family is a private note that is sent from a link on the online obituary. The note is reviewed and printed by the funeral home staff and given to the family. These notes are sized to fit on register book paper so that they can be added to the register book before presenting to the family. They also provide the funeral home with a way to stay in touch with the family after the service is over.

Showcases photos in a larger format of your funeral home or crematory.

View a sample here. and click on View Photo Gallery under any location.

Includes a video that can be used on your YouTube channel (which we create). YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the Web.

Offer your web site and obituaries in multiple languages, the most popular being Spanish, and get your funeral home out to a much broader audience. All translations are done automatically without the need for an outside translator.

View a sample here.

The What Can I Do? Project resulted from a brain-storming session with funeral directors. Their web sites often have a section of common questions that pertain to funerals and their services, but rarely do they offer advice to the people who most frequent their sites, those looking for information on a deceased friend or family member. That is where this project comes in. It is a helpful guide for anyone looking for ways to offer condolences. It is free to all of our funeral home clients and is a great resource that people will return to when they need advice.

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The Veterans Recognition program places a small American flag next to the name of the deceased in your online obituaries.

We also provide a Veteran's Benefits page with all the information that your families will need when filing.

View a sample here.

We work with you to come up with an SEO plan that will help increase your search engine visibility which in turn will increase your web site’s targeted traffic. Our service is cost-effective and can help cut down on advertising costs for your funeral home. Our package includes optimization of title tags, meta tags, html body tags, keyword emphasis and proper site structure. Our hosting package comes with an in-depth stats package that will help you track how well your web site is doing at reaching new potential clients. This package includes 6 months of SEO work and is renewable.

Our goal is to promote your funeral home, not a national brand. Every product we offer is fully branded to your funeral home; there are no third party advertisements on any products you give to your families. All of our products are developed with the help of funeral directors and given a firm stamp of approval by funeral home staff.

Whether you are looking to add new services or update existing ones, we can provide the tools you need.


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